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The Success Academy

"As a cosmetic dentist for more than 25 years, Pinhas Adar has been the most important influence in my career. His ceramics are masterpieces of art, but just as important the precision of his restorations are gifts to my patients as they enjoy decades of perfect fit, function and beauty."

- Stuart L. Isler, DMD, New York. NY

"It is said that great success can come from surrounding yourself with people that inspire you to reach for a level beyond the ordinary.   Atlanta's own treasure, Pinhas Adar, has this effect on those fortunate enough to have worked with this masterful artist and educator.  Pinhas has that rare combination of performing at the highest level technically as well as being able to communicate effectively in real life situations. His engaging personality, positive energy, and leadership skills have been a model for me in my efforts to be more effective in my own life in these areas.""

- James A. Merriman, DMD - Accredited Member of the AACD

"You have inspired me to dream Big once again. I was glad to hear that you have a system in place to help Dentists, Technicians, and Patients work together and collaborate to create the Perfect Restoration Process”

- Tyler Dahl

"I am always looking to improve myself in this changing profession, as a dental technicians I find myself part artist, architect and mind reader. So when I came across the Adar Master Series was excited to learn from Mr. Adar. The series offers more than just technique, Mr. Adar’s insight has inspired me and I was able to apply the techniques to my current materials with immediate results.”

- Christian Scull, Las Vegas, NV

The Place For Effective Learning

At the Adar Success Academy our desire is the help dental professions learn “effective” thinking and attain exceptional levels by learning proven systems and processes that will make your business more predictable and your life easier.  We believe that  communication skills are #1 when dealing with your patients and staff.  All of these are vital to success but are not taught in dental or technician school

Although we do teach skills at the Adar Academy, skills alone don’t guarantee success.  You can be the most skillful person on the planet and if you don’t know how to communicate that, it makes no difference in your life.

These classes are designed to include the entire dental team, because we believe that everyone on your team should have the same end goals in mind. Whether you are a dentist, assistant, administrator, or technician, you can benefit from the information taught at The Adar Success Academy.

Who comes to the Adar Success Academy?

  • People who enjoy learning in a friendly and comfortable environment
  • Those who wish to stay up to date on new materials and procedures
  • Those who enjoy “Effective Thinking”
  • Those who enjoy small classes for interactive learning
  • Those who always want to excel in the service they provide for their patients/clients

You will learn to:

  • Let your patients market your practice effectively
  • Improve your verbal communication
  • Build upon your existing skills
  • Learn new skills
  • Learn new materials and what cases they are good for
  • Change your thinking, change your business

Who will benefit from the Adar Academy?

  • Dentists

…feeling stuck in a rut and wanting a more rewarding practice.

…needing a more energized and committed staff.

…wanting a greater cash flow.


  • Technicians

…working in seclusion and not exposed to professional growth strategies.

…desiring more market share.

…uncertain of the future.


  • Dental Assistants and Hygienists

…worried about professional advancement

…feeling like they are easily replaced.

…curious about other options.


  • Administrators

…frustrated with “paper pushing.”

…afraid of being in a dead end job.

…wanting more patient acceptance of their treatment plans.

EACH ONE OF THESE feelings, desires, and needs can be met and resolved through the personal achievement attained at the Adar Academy. It’s not about changing jobs; it’s about changing minds.


These are some things our participants have said:

" Your presentation was the best I have ever seen in all my 66 years of practice. I wish I could be 25 again so I could spend time with you”

 – 86 year old dentist

“I have already listened to your advice and have sold two cases…my new motto is, ‘Yes I Can.’” – Dr. Michelles Gurfinkle, NY


The Success Academy

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Some thought provoking videos:


  • Fear Video
  • Accreditation video
  • Interesting Qs for 2013 (repurposed for 2014)

You can learn to excel in your career at The Adar Academy. Come join us and unleash your personal success.

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